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The sky is benign with you and by extension with your spouse, and so, together you can taste a feeling of well-being and generalised fullness (with some quieter episodes, of course; the rainbow won’t shine over you every day).

Regarding your family, you’ll be able to build a warm climate (that becomes sensual in your bedroom). The ocean of love will allow you to navigate comfortably, discovering even new tools to make them fall in love with you like the first day. The flame of passion won’t go out.

Loneliness will weigh heavily on single natives this week, so get down to work and call friends, go out and let the world see you! The love of your life won’t knock on your door. In any case, they’ll invite you to a drink at a bar when you look at each other.

There are no impediments for you, you’ll always know how to find the path to happiness, although sometimes you’ll think that you’re not at all prepared to have a traditional relationship. And you are a little afraid of love!


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There are beautiful professional perspectives, especially in the area of commerce: good opportunities will pass in front of you and you won’t let any escape.

The career ladder is waiting for you to climb it and so you don’t rule out promotions or negotiating improvements of some kind.

Be careful: this doesn’t mean that the field is full of roses. There will be times when an hour seems like an eternity and your day is as long as a week. Don’t let this prevent you from fighting for a more promising quality of life!

Your weak point will be purchases and offers this week, especially if it’s on your laptop. Don't give in to all your cravings!


This week you’ll have a lot of energy and even a more optimistic and daring disposition than usual that will allow you to revive everything.

Pressing the accelerator to do more things in one day will only make your energy to run out. Learn to manage your energies if you want to be effective.

Water will allow you to improve your well-being. Going for a long swim or decorate your bathroom with candles and immerse yourself in a hot bath with salts, Gemini.