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With that negative thinking of yours, it'll be really hard to fall in love. You think that after a rut no one will want to come closer, but it's not a matter of keeping up such a musing attitude. You need to take the lead from time to time to get closer to the people we like. That's love.

If you're not quick enough, someone else might step up and then you'll regret it your whole life.

It'll be an ideal week for reunions, whether they are casual or scheduled. You'll meet again with a childhood friend, someone you missed dearly. You'll talk for a few days and get updated on each other's lives. It's obvious you've truly grown during all this time.

Before you meet up with someone you'll try to sound them out beforehand, because there'll be people coming your way to get information from you and then talk badly behind your back. Be very careful about that.


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It'll be a very positive week at work and you'll stand out over the rest of your colleagues. That'll make you one of the role models in the company. Despite your managers' praises, you won't feel like you're better than anyone else, and your colleagues will be truly grateful for that.

You know that the good results of a company often depend on the good environment around the office, and that's why you're always making sure that everything runs smoothly.

You'll get a small extra sum of money that'll come in handy to cover up some holes. It won't make you rich, but at least you'll have quite a nice surprise.


You'll experience some discomfort, mostly around your mouth, so you'll have to visit the dentist. It's nothing serious, but the sooner you get treatment, the better. You might have put off a dental check-up for too long, and now you're seeing the error of your ways.

Even if you feel energised enough to do everything you want, it would help you at times to listen to what people have to say, especially those that are older than you. Their experience can open up your eyes to new viewpoints on health in many ways.

It's time for you to start taking some issues more seriously, because over time they could go worse or make you relapse.