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Gemini, you’re a bit disappointed with your love life. The person you love so much seems to be moving away from your life little by little and you’re no longer a priority for them. You’ll detect it easily, especially when you try to make a plan together and they reject it because they’ve already made plans with someone else.

Even if you aren’t spiteful, you’ll remember that behaviour later, when they ask you to pay them more attention. It may be something temporary that you shouldn’t be giving greater importance.

Right now, the singles of this sign don’t contemplate the possibility of returning to an old partner. They know that second chances never go well. Therefore we must be honest with people and make it clear from the start what your intentions are because they might be deluded with a possible reconciliation.

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Control your expenses a little more, especially if you’re going to use your credit card. You have to be aware of your financial limitations. It’s like walking on a wire without a net that cushions your fall. Because with the money you earn you can barely pay all your bills, so you can’t afford big luxuries.

You shouldn’t take part in arguments led by other colleagues at work. You don’t want the boss to think ill of you, but above all, you don’t want to be in the spotlight. Your family depends on the salary they pay you, so you’ll think twice about any word or action.

At certain times, you can think of starting a business on your own. However, when you start with the paperwork and all the taxes that you have to pay, you end up putting it off. You’ll leave it for later when you have a better idea of what’s happening.


You have to put a stop to the parties and nights out that you’ll be the protagonist of these days. Your body will suffer a lot, especially due to drinking alcohol and lack of rest. You’ll feel too tired.

It’s good to enjoy life and social relationships, but always within certain limits, especially if you have to go to work, where they’ll expect higher performance.

Making the most of the good weather, you have a good opportunity to do outdoor sports, especially swimming, either in the neighbourhood pool or at the beach. Not only does it offer beneficial properties for your back, but also for your blood flow and your muscles, especially when the water is cold.