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The stars will be on your side this week and you’ll get everything you want out of your partner.Are you willing to ask them to marry you or to move in with you? If you try, you’ll most likely receive a positive answer.

That person would do everything to make you happy, so don’t hesitate and ask them what you haven’t dared to ask before.

Gemini, if your heart doesn’t have an owner right now it’s because you don’t want it to. You have many suitors and even your relatives will introduce you to very interesting people, but you always think too much. It seems that you’re waiting for the perfect partner, but this person seems to take forever.

Don’t get overwhelmed and think things over calmly so you don’t make more mistakes. You’ll get a lot out of your physique and your ease to communicate.


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During these days, you’ll be lucky during job interviews and exams. You can see how you start to reap the fruits of everything you sowed. All the effort has been worth it.

You’ll consider any work project you’re offered, even if you say no later. You appreciate that many people are interested in you and offer you work. There are few people with the experience and dedication you have.

Prepare to face a number of payments you weren’t counting on. You were very relaxed thinking that someone wouldn’t ask you for the money they lent you in the past, but now they show up at your door to ask for it back.  You have to keep your word and give it all back, even if it requires you to ask a relative to lend you some money.


You’ll wake up in the middle of the night a few days in a row and that shows that something is worrying you. You can’t get a pretty delicate topic out of your head.

You always feel overwhelmed by the people around you, like friends and family, but perhaps the time has come to pay more attention to your life and not so much to others.

You shouldn’t think about it so much and adopt a more passive attitude, letting problems become part of the background. Make the most of your time now and do the things you hadn’t been able to because you didn’t have enough money and that could bring you many satisfactions, especially if they were related to culture and art.