Gemini Weekly Horoscope
Gemini Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your mind is somewhat squared: in your head, you know how you want things to go and you try to force your partner and your family to act according to your wishes. Sometimes, that eagerness to impose yourself almost dictatorially will only be the mask of some ego problems, because you need to project yourself as a winner whom everyone obeys.

Be careful with that game because it can be very dangerous Gemini: it can bring relationship problems that were dormant to the surface. In spite of everything, you don’t want to talk about your problems, you don’t want to experience uncomfortable situations.

As for Geminis who have recently divorced, be very careful with the way you manage your spite and anger today. You shouldn’t try to make your ex-partner’s life impossible because they don’t love you anymore. Try not to use children as a tool in your conflict either.

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Time is valuable: you won’t want to waste it by doing tasks that don’t fulfill you at all and you’ll want to spend it with your loved ones. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip together. If you buy the tickets in advance, you can find really good prices.

You’ll have to be more thrifty, especially when it comes to cultural things. Don’t go window shopping for new books or films to watch, you won’t be able to resist and you’ll fall into temptation.

There will be days when you’re somewhat clueless: at work, you can make a serious mistake because you’re not paying enough attention. Also, watch over your belongings, Gemini: don’t forget your bag in a taxi or anything like that.


You get bad news: this week you won’t be as fit as you expected and your strength won’t be that of a hero. You better practice some light sport that you can intensify as your body adapts to it. You can never do enough to avoid injuries Gemini!

Similarly, you’ll understand that your body changes as the years go by and that you may not be as flexible as you used to be or that an activity that used to make you feel very active now makes you feel exhausted.

You won’t have to worry much about your well-being, if you’re a sensible person you won’t be in for shocks. And if something is not quite right and you get a cold, your good mood will make the disease more bearable.