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Gemini Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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In this special week departing from one year into another, Geminis, you'll be engulfed in a sense of highly altered sensitivity which could create dangerous excess if you can't control yourselves. Stay safe and away from painful feelings.

On Tuesday, resentment threatens to darken your feelings, and that's why you need to cleanse the bad vibrations around you, and to try and be better to others. On Wednesday, someone's coming back to your life, which could be very positive but also create imbalance.

All of this will make you pile up foul feelings all week long, and that'll get your love channels blocked. People will perceive you as angry, arrogant and distant. Work on your personality to offer a persona that makes your potential burst.

This will also help you bring out that inner light to defeat despair from romantic failures and life's disappointments. On the weekend, the stars encourage you to go deeper in love from a respectful, tender point of view. On Sunday, we're back to fighting pain.


If your year ends up with you spending more and more money because you believe that a night with friends can only be successful if it's luxurious, you'll be falling prey to shallowness and create trouble for your finances. Control yourselves this New Year's Eve, Geminis.

On the first day of the year, you'll feel exhausted and unable to face whatever challenges come along, but the other side of this is, you'll feel especially inspired with much mental agility. You should save this potential up for when you feel more energised.

In fact, from Wednesday onwards, going back to work too quickly could create a sense of imbalance, and you need to take control of the situation. On Thursday, pay attention to bargains around you to shop cheap, but don't go crazy about it.

The week ends with some very useful recommendations from the stars. On Friday, copy the successes of winners, but don't idealise them, and learn to embrace failure. On Saturday, if you focus on what you're great at, you'll come out on top. On Sunday, you'll understand that you can't always help everyone.


It's time to make resolutions for 2019, but make sure they're achievable. On Monday, analyse how 2018 has been for you, and see where you can improve. This week, from Tuesday onwards, you should go back to normal as soon as you can, because passion and excess makes you go off track.

Attention on Wednesday, Geminis! You're slowly treading on the border line of blood pressure issues, and you need to cut them off as soon as you can. On Thursday, you'll feel yourselves definitely growing old: walking around and exercising are essential to make your body stay on top.

On Friday, keep your skin hydrated and give it natural treatments to stop aging processes. On Saturday, dodge the temptation of people who want to take you down the wrong road. You're coming into the weekend with weak baby steps, and you're not at all ready for a nervous, anxious Sunday.

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