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Even if you don't want to, oftentimes you should listen to your partner more. They're much more experienced in certain life areas and they could be a strong source of support for your toughest times. 

It's normal to argue sometimes, but you shouldn't give it too much importance, especially because you're dealing with minor issues.

You've always been the ones to say things to their face, but right now you'd rather keep to yourselves your opinion on someone in their family. You don't quite like them and you would rather bite your tongue than creating conflict.

They might think you're acting funny, so try to take importance out of this matter. You won't get anywhere if you say what you really think.


You're thinking about changing jobs because you can't deal with your managers' attitude any longer. They don't seem willing to appreciate what you do. You just need to look at how long your salary's been frozen. They always find an excuse to keep it going longer.

You'll probably find another job before you even notice. You've got plenty of experience and can be a great source for other companies.

After some time saving up you'll be able to get yourselves a treat. You'll finally be able to buy the jacket you've wanted for so long. You'd rather spend your money on something useful you can use every day instead of a trip or a night out.

Put into a piggy box every coin you get as change from your shopping trips. In a few weeks' time you'll manage to make important benefits.


Sometimes you're embarrassed of going to the gym for fear of what people could say. The best thing for you is to wake up early and go when it's almost empty. You'll be able to exercise by yourselves without having to have a bad time.

Try to have a life as active as you can, especially if you do office work and spend 8 hours a day sitting down. Go places on foot and leave the car home. Even if you take a little longer it'll be worth it.

You'll feel it when you're home, exhausted. You'll only take minutes to drop off to sleep. However, avoid caffeinated drinks, because they could keep you awake or even make you sleepless the whole night.