Gemini Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This week presents an interesting lesson for the natives of Gemini.

Someone who appears in your life will show you that you can't go from one lover to the next as if you were a hummingbird. The way in which you learn this lesson might be somewhat harsh. You're not used to certain limits and your way of justifying emotional issues rationally may collide with other more committed people.

Fortunately, Gemini, from mid-week, you'll feel very happy in your relationship. You'll enjoy a shared passion. Your extrasensory perception will be very active and that's why you're experiencing a week of great connection with the feelings of those around you.

You pick up information from everywhere. You'll learn a lot from your partner if you pay attention to details.

Natives who are single can be sure that love is near. The stars encourage them to come face to face with the beginning of an important relationship.

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The horizon of the natives of Gemini shows novelties regarding money and work this week.

What the planets show is some kind of benefit regarding your work. Innovations and new trends will be part of your conversations.

You'll be willing to go down new paths in your career this week. Meetings with partners or colleagues will show you beneficial changes and that will increase your enthusiasm and your willingness to work.

The natives of your sign stand out for their ability to adapt to novelty and for the way they behave regarding their intellectual lives. You aren't afraid to take new paths as long as they show you a diversity of concepts and ways of doing your job.

Towards the weekend, an indecent proposal comes to tempt you. Be careful, don't get carried away by bad counsellors.


It's a good week when it comes to the health and well-being of your body. You have a lot of energy to make all your plans happen so you won't fail to achieve any of your goals.

You should drink plenty of water to avoid discomfort caused by poor hydration.