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Don’t forget your friends, you’ve forgotten about them. Whenever they call you to ask you out, you give them an excuse that no longer convinces them. They’ll think you have something against them, but it’s really laziness.

Singles begin to take a little more care of their image.They go to the hairdresser and go shopping for clothes more often. Do you start to feel something special for someone? Even if you don’t say it in public, you feel attracted to someone in your environment, who may already have a partner.

You know that a relationship is almost impossible, so right now you aren’t willing to no anything about it. You want the other person to come to you.

Those who already have a partner should be careful with the messages they send to friends. There can always be misinterpretations that can lead to a conflict. Don’t be so affectionate o so close to certain people, since they would take it as an indecent proposal. 


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Gemini, you’re so involved in a business that it’s hard to get out of it right now. You’ve had a large debt for a long time and it prevents you from leaving everything behind. You think that you can overcome the situation sooner or later, but in the meantime, you see how your savings vanish and customers go elsewhere.

The sooner you close, the better. You think that you’ve failed as an entrepreneur, but it’s a bad patch, don’t worry. Right now it’s better for you to look for a job and work for someone else, without having to worry about anything. You’ll do your job as well as possible and at the end of the month, you’ll receive a salary for it.

You won’t give your family and friends certain information so that nobody finds out about this delicate situation.You don’t want anyone’s pity, that’s why you keep everything to yourself. However, they could help you out of this overwhelming state.


There are certain people who can cause you a lot of damage without wanting to. You’ll surely bump into a friend who’s very negative and who only knows how to talk about misfortunes and hardships. You can’t stand that attitude, that’s why you’ll try to get away from them or even behave as though you were confused so as not to see them.

You have so many problems that you don’t want to hear about the problems of others. It would be good to look for an activity you can do after work so you can disconnect. You can’t only think about professional commitments all the time.

From time to time, going to the cinema alone or ordering some food at home can help you relax to focus the week with more optimism.