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You're coming from a sense of inertia where extreme sensitivity is placing you in a brand new, unknown domain. Geminis, you're always so focused on enjoying life and avoiding worries. However, you're better off adapting yourselves to that new way of feeling things around by embracing love and staying away from pain.

On Monday, whatever happens around you and whoever stays around become especially important. Everything makes you feel happier and gives you more worries to be concerned about, but you need to be more prone to embracing positivity in order to live life in a radically happy way.

The week will progress with your need of opening up to love, especially on Friday, when the excitement of a new relationship or renewing the love for your partner will show you how beautiful life is. On the weekend, you'll receive this brand new love with creativity; do something nice and show how you feel.

Tuesday will also be a key day, because honest compassion and forgiveness will make you see how beneficial positive feelings are for your soul. As this grandeur fills up your heart and soul, on Wednesday and Thursday you can make others happy and find answers to certain important questions.


The week will have quite a good start financially for you, Geminis, especially because on Monday the stars offer you a higher degree of sharpness and wit that you can use to do your job better. Getting your brain to move is something you should do once in a while, and there should also be a dash of ambition in the mix.

On Tuesday, the good trend keeps going strong, this time focusing on the signing of interesting contracts that will bring highly beneficial profits for Geminis. If you were hoping to find a job, the time is now, because a splendid time is coming up for you.

The halfway point of the week is slightly financially unstable. On Wednesday there'll be debt and sudden money losses which will come back on Sunday. And Thursday will have a foul financial environment for your interests.

Once again, Friday will see you coming back to that mental clearness that can make you earn merits in your career, and on Saturday it could help you set your numbers straight and balance out income and expenses.


Aging ailments can give you some trouble this week, but it's psychological, rather than physical. The most important thing for you is to reduce these ailments with natural remedies, and especially, to learn how to age naturally and embrace this process as something logical and bound to happen.

On Monday you'll learn you don't need creams or miracle products to improve your physical state. On Tuesday, you can delve into the world of acupuncture and Eastern medicine, from which you can take many benefits home to be more physically and mentally fulfilled.

Younger Geminis should watch out; on Wednesday and Thursday there's new temptations dragging you into alcohol, smoking, drugs and other addictions that can break your balance. On Friday, work accidents could leave you impaired for a while. Be very careful!

The weekend will be calm, although there'll be muscle and joint pains you should challenge with exercise and energy.