Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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This week the Magical Horoscope recommends you avoid confrontation with your partner. Sparks that would end up burning the relationship can come out of any discussion or comment.

Try to be as independent as possible, adapting your schedules to them so you’re both at home at the same time as little as possible. After the days, you’ll see that you can’t stand this situation any longer and you’ll try to solve it.

Having to give in and acknowledge your mistakes won’t be something you particularly enjoy doing. You’ll even accept guilt that doesn’t belong to you so that the relationship goes back to normal.

Gemini natives who are single will use social media and apps to meet people. They’ll start browsing with certain reluctance for fear of being deceived, but they’ll also find people like them, with an interest in finding love.

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You’re quite upset about your family’s warnings. They can’t bear you wasting so much money and at the end of the month, you’ll have to resort to them to pay your debts.

Try to keep your finances up to date and don’t avoid paying certain taxes or fines, which if you don’t do now, you might have to pay later with a small surcharge.

There’s a lot of tension at work due to the arrival of new colleagues who try to implement new methods. For you it’ll be revolutionary, so you’ll try to discredit them. You believe that they should be the ones to adapt to the company and not you to them.


You feel greater mental fatigue than physical fatigue, possibly motivated by worries at work. You need to go to bed early and try to disconnect from work obligations.

You’ll realise that happiness is achieved in a simple and cheap way. A simple walk in the park or driving without any particular goal are things that can help you relax and that you can afford at any time. What are you waiting for?

You’ll always feel better with natural remedies than taking pills or vitamins. Especially because the body tolerates them better and you won’t appreciate side effects when you eat foods such as honey, lemon or garlic. They’re normally in your shopping cart and you won’t have to spend a large amount.