Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 July

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Even if it’s hard for you to admit it, during this week you’ll feel much more affectionate. It seems you’re in debt to your partner. There’s something they did for you that has made you change your attitude towards them.

You should always be like this! But it’s very hard. You clash too often because your points of view in certain household matters are too different.

Meanwhile, you want to make the most of these days of happiness to hug and kiss them at all hours. Although sometimes you may seem a bit needy, your partner will appreciate these signs of affection.

Those who are single will try to find someone online, either through specialised apps or through social media. You know that your next partner has to be someone who lives near you since you aren’t willing to put up with more distance relationships.


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There are many things about the company where you work that don’t quite convince you. Your boss has given new people a lot of responsibility and they don’t actually know the inner workings of the business.

Gemini, you’ll finish work in a bad mood and you’ll have to bite your tongue many times to not give your opinion. No matter how hard you try, you know they’d never consider it.

No matter how much originality and novelty you try to introduce into the operation of the company, it seems that no one wants to modernise it. With your proposals, you don’t intend to earn more money or move up within the company, since what really worries you is the poor results that the company is reaping.

You’ll personally try to use things in a more responsible way. From now on, instead of going to the supermarket once a week, you’ll try to go to the shop almost daily, in order to buy what you really use and not pile up products that later end up expiring in your pantry.


You have to get rid of certain ghosts of the past that still haunt you. You’re aware that you haven’t always done the right thing, but once you learn from your mistakes, you have to move on and focus on all the good things that await you.

Make the most of your breaks to pack your backpack and go to a secluded place, where you can breathe fresh air and feel free, without the constraints of work and day-to-day schedules.

For your own good, you should leave your mobile at home and disconnect completely from what worries you.