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People with their tendency to judge and give opinions that nobody has asked for will tell you how complicated your life is and they'll ask if you can sleep well with so many worries.

You won't care what they say because even if there's a storm outside, in your heart there's only room for the Sun and good feelings. You don't feel like staying in the mud between regrets, which is the most comfortable attitude.

You'll see the bright side of anything, what transports you to Nirvana and although sometimes your emotions travel on a roller coaster, you'll do everything you can to make the trip just fun, without fear of damage.

There's a little lack of trust in the hearts of single Gemini. Work on your self-esteem and don't follow the first person to ask for your hand. Choose well, even if you're begging for love.

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Transparency prevails in your life, it governs you and you don't want to hide the good or the bad news that concerns your finances and your career. You won't even hesitate when asked how much you charge for a job or what you think about the way one of your colleagues works.

You'll be agile with your budgets at home. You'll know how to make large purchases for a small amount, without lacking anything. You'll take advantage of offers, although not everything that's cheap should end up in your basket, of course.

Gemini,your family will weigh heavily when accepting new jobs and professional challenges, since you would have less quality time to devote to them or you might even have to go to another city to be able to prosper.


Your trust in doctors increases this week. You'll decide to undergo a treatment you had doubts about or even an operation that will improve your quality of life. Go ahead, everything will be fine.

Control the use of your mobile phone, you have a certain dependence on it and you pay more attention to people in social media than to those who are having coffee with you. In addition, its use affects the quality of your sleep. Keep that in mind.

On the outside, you're made of steel, but on the inside, not so much. Don't rely too much on your virtues and your strength to avoid some absurd injury.