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The Friday January 19th Gemini Horoscope

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Letting yourself be led by your instinct has always worked well so far. Sometimes, you let yourself go in excess and it makes you make appraisal errors. 

You have just met a person, and you are misinterpreting them, which is a big mistake. You have a lot to do with this person in the coming future, so change your mind quickly. Geminis who are immersed in a relationship will also go through a weird day and need to change their statements towards others. 

Misunderstanding things is something which can happen to everybody. Do not be too innocent and see that certain information you will get through the day is not true; they are fake. 



Today you should not believe in you and your skills in excess. You know you possess really beneficial skills, but do not blow your own trumpet. You expect the weekend arrival to make days pass faster and you will be distracted, even forgetting some of your daily tasks and not paying enough attention to them. 

You might commit a fatal error if you are not careful with it. Focus on what is coming to you and do not let your mind ramble. The weekend is not short and you will have time to delight yourself with your own thoughts. 



We get to become way too frustrated when we do not accept what we have in front of us. You will feel disappointed with this part of your body which you are not proud of. This part will show up to your thoughts again during the day. 

However, your dual personality helps you get rid of bad thoughts quickly. You are keen on challenges, and new opportunities to face an enriching challenge will come to you from what you see as imperfections. 

Work hard to lose weight and your worries about your body will vanish and you will be proud of your achievement. 



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