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The Thursday January 18th Gemini Horoscope

El pronóstico completo del horóscopo sobre salud, dinero y amor
Gemini daily horoscope |




The person you have just met will surprise you. Their adventurous spirit and their uncommon personality will drive you completely crazy. What is more, you will think you have met your better half because you will see that the both of you show the same interest to each other, and it will lead you to a point of no return. 

In this kind of relationships -the ones which are so intense- one can assume that they are not likely to last for very long. You will need to stay down-to-earth and not to create fake expectations. Even though you may feel disappointed, there is no need for you to do so: this new experience will provide you with a new point of view towards love which you strongly need to learn. 



Whenever something happens at your work place, you are one of the first persons of which your bosses think to go and solve it. You did not realize about this but today it will be so evident. 

After an exhausting day as it was yesterday, you might find yourself in the opposite situation: you will desire to have any other colleague by your side as it will be hard for you to assume all the responsibility issues and unexpected tasks you should go through.

On the other hand, you would rather start searching for a new economic project in order that your finances do not become limited. You will need to do so before you expect.  



Your weaknesses today will be your knees and legs. You will notice the well-known crush and a kind of pain every time you stand up and sit down. Doing particular stretching is good to strengthen your muscles, but it could also be the reason of the pain or higher stress. 

If you have to bend down and stand up again continuously, you must pay attention to your posture and try to maintain your back straight. On the contrary, the malaise may increase and also affect this part of your body.