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The Wednesday January 17th Gemini Horoscope

The stars predictions for Gemini
The predictions for Gemini according to the stars |


When you want to impress someone, you use all your attractive skills to do so. It can be using nice words or even by using gestures, but you end up making people be delighted by you. 

Today, the stars position will be in your favor and you will arrange a date with a person and it will be easier than you thought. Venus' influence on your sign will provide you with a special aura which will be irresistible for the rest. 

If you have a couple, you attraction power will not be unnoticed. This is a good moment to experience new things and you will appreciate the other person's capacity to surprise you every day. 



Something unexpected will come up soon and it could play a bad effect on the familiar economy. You will need to get some help, either by asking for a loan or asking a close relative. 

However, you will have a quite day at work, and the absence of your colleague in which you lean to get your obligations will be good for you to be organized: what you will have to do is facing the tasks assigned to you by yourself. 

You will discover that you are capable of being motivated to work although you thought you would not be anymore. 



As in everything, you also play your cards in health. You have a peculiar way of fighting against pain and anxiety and you can move on with your life. 

At the end of the day you will feel very exhausted: this is what happens when you have spent the whole day fighting against yourself. You will finally give up and the flu symptoms will state by the end of the afternoon. Do not feel discouraged: in the end, the rest of the day has not been bad at all!