Gemini MONTHLY Horoscope

21 May - 20 Jun

Gemini monthly: Your horoscope for the month of January 2020

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Many planets show high levels of activity in the area of the zodiac that corresponds to your sex life and your internal need to be transformed by the incoming energy.

All your bad habits in your relationships will be strongly highlighted so that you can banish those who hurt you and your loved ones.

The natives who are in a committed relationship will be going through a difficult time due to Mars being in Sagittarius, which will attract arguments and tension with your partner. You need to agree on everyday matters and things that concern both of you. Solving these issues will help you relax so that arguments don't take over your relationship.

Singles will feel a strong impulse to be with someone they barely know and will have to open their eyes wide so as not to avoid getting involved in a situation that could be problematic if they don't know how to handle it.

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This month you can do many of the things you have in mind, Gemini. Your speed for action will be reinforced by the presence of Mars in opposition to your Sun, which will give you an incredible desire to pursue your goals with a strong determination.

You'll have to be attentive to your energy levels, since your reactions could be too intense and you could be misunderstood, Gemini.

The money you share with your partner will bring you headaches. You may have to take a path that will lead to a situation that won't be entirely good for you.

Your strategies should be big.


The astral transits of this month will lead you to suffer from nervous migraines and various types of tension the natives of your sign normally suffer. Tension will lead to annoying symptoms that require your attention, Gemini.

Respiratory tract infections will be possible if you neglect earlier symptoms. Your nose, ears and lungs will be possibly affected. The cold temperatures and constantly going in and out of heated places means you're constantly exposed to changes in temperature.

Pools and gyms are also spaces where bacteria proliferate and it's easier to get sick.