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Future challenges are a boost of excitement you should receive openly like a blessing from heaven. At a time where you're constantly fighting against despair and melancholy, this excitement to face future challenges is an energy boost.

Use your abstract, fantasy-geared mind to build a parallel future world, because sometimes reality is too harsh for your childish soul. Find shelter in that world to avoid suffering.

The stars predict there's a promising foreseeable future, Geminis, but you need to work. With your life energy and the faith that can guide your movements, you'll reach your goals.



This Friday you've focused in other areas of your life and you're not too hopeful about work. Still, you've got a harsh day ahead with lots to do, obstacles to overcome and things to improve and sort out. So raise your mood and go for it.

For a good part of your day, being overwhelmed and stressed will clamp up your body and mind and you could fall into a state of serious physical and mental exhaustion. The only way to overcome it is to work hard so that you can feel rewarded when the day's over.

By the way, Geminis, when the day's up you'll have extra spending you can cut back on. Remember you can arrange plans with your friends or partner without spending so much. Go cheap.


Today, Geminis' health stays on that good track for this month of August. Still, there's always room for improvement, and today your mind will be on a blue mood.

In those times of psychological pitfalls, you need to wake up more energetically than ever and to remember that it all comes down to you. Overcoming sad times is the most important thing to keep your body strength up.

Give yourselves a treat, eat properly, make your thoughts positive and minimise results. Find your spiritual side and learn to appreciate untangible things. Live life under a more relaxed scope.