Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Do you have kids, Geminis? Today the stars point out that native Geminis will share a special bond with their kids, with connections reinforced by empathy and attention. It's the perfect day to forget about the rest of the world and make up for the time lost.

By the way, did you know that your kids could teach you a lot? Much more than what you actually think they would. Focus all your attention on them and explore how they think and feel about life. You'll come to find a whole new world by their side.

Generally, Geminis will feel sort of lost, disoriented and helpless today. You need a compass to your feelings, and today you'll come to find it in the form of support from a kind friend.


Your finances have gone back to normal if you look behind and compare your current situation with what you were going through a month ago. It is true you can't go wild with your expenses, but you can start planning for a loan, Geminis.

Analyse the conditions closely, let experts help you out, and don't go beyond what your real conditions allow. Be realistic and don't base your whole financial situation on debt.

You'll feel quite energetic to do things today, and everything you do will turn out perfectly. Take a chance to do some house chores you've been putting off for a while.


Sleep disorders are serious health issues that stop us from having a good night's sleep. Therefore, their consequences can extend to other areas in our body.

These days you've been chased by nightmares, dreams made in hell where you only see monsters, blood, crimes and ghosts... Nerve-wracking situations that wake you up in a startle in the middle of the night.

When nightmares are recurring, they turn into a serious issue because they don't let you rest as much and well as you need. Try to have sweet dreams by having good, positive thoughts right before bed. And if nightmares repeat themselves a few times a week, go see an expert.