Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today will be a day of bliss, laughter and fun with your friends and family. You'll get a dose of good humour and uplift your mood. Make some plans to do fun things together and avoid being alone for the day.

Use this good connection to your loved ones for charging up your soul with good vibrations, and use the resulting energy to boost your creative, nicer, positive, attractive side.

Watch out, single Geminis: you've reached such an overwhelming stage trying to find the perfect date, trying to make everything okay, worrying about every single argument, that you can't give any more. Give yourselves a calm break for a few days to come back with as much excitement as possible.


Today's a day to learn and grow as a person at work.

The calmness brought on by letting off some steam at work could be used to do some house chores, which usually make your body feel quite relaxed. But watch out: it'll be even better if you ask for help and do those chores with family or friends.

During those chores you need to learn how to work as a team, without constantly bossing people around and having a foul mood all day long. You should realise it's quite hard to work with you, and try to change that side of yourselves.

Today you'll get a business offer from a close friend, which will come to life in the next few days.


Today is a day for family gatherings and celebrations, and even though it's good for you because it uplifts your mood, it could also affect your digestive system.

Geminis with acid reflux should especially watch out. Be consistent to yourselves and take better care of your body. Avoid heavy meals and don't go to excess that you could regret later.

Under a general scope, Geminis are better off eating in moderation and forgetting about alcohol and smoking today. The end of the day could be heavy on you because of excess.