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Today's a day full of energy, but also obstacles. It won't be easy to reach the end of the day in one piece and with no arguments. You're especially at risk of making more than one friend angry about your continuous habit of gossiping everywhere. Other people's lives are none of your business, Geminis. You've already got plenty going on in yours!

At least, if you're caught gossiping and talking about things that have nothing to do with your life, be humble, admit it and apologise. These are the small things that make people want to avoid you, so watch out.

Otherwise, it'll be a day full of positivity, and you'll feel ready to take on the world and do important things.


Now's the time to start planning the idea you've been putting off for so long because you were afraid of failure, had little time, or no money available.

Right now money is the least important, Geminis. If you've saved some, even if it isn't a lot, get your idea started, and when it starts working you can start looking for sponsors and investors.

The stars warn that this week there's especially positive energy coming for any new project that Geminis take into action. So, it's now or never. Trust your possibilities and start more energetically than ever. Energy in those first few moves will be essential.


Dear Geminis, high blood pressure is a body issue that slowly deteriorates your heart's health, and it could have unexpected, fatal consequences. Do everyone a favour and start working on it.

Older Geminis should undergo a medical check-up to make sure everything's going fine, and reinforce cautionary measures about the heart's issues.

The doctor's the one to assess how far your condition has gone and to give you the right blood pressure medications depending on what sort of condition you've got and its needs. Diet is the most important thing you can manage yourselves.