Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Today, your patience will be the best sign of love towards your partner.

There might be times when you feel like screaming out loud and leaving without looking back. What can you do, Geminis? That's how love works, and that's the bitter side of living together. But it's more than worth it to hold on, and today you need to be the thinking member of the couple. It's up to you to keep things steady...

On the other hand, today will be a very special day for relationships between Geminis and their parents. So perhaps it's the best time for you to visit them and tell them how much you love them. Share special times with them and 'rebuild' your umbilical cord.


For Geminis who are struggling financially, the stars' prediction foresees there's recovery ahead. Still, improvement will be quite gradual and there's no great money injections in the first few days.

The key to succeed is to remain hopeful, Geminis, to work hard and always keep your mood up and running. Optimism and work, hope and effort. That's what your financial future will depend on.

Times of change are coming, but not everything will be a bed of roses. Nobody said it was easy, Geminis, so now you know: go get your goals with excitement and drive.


Your sleep problems are still going on, and they'll stop you from resting properly, thus making you live your life with extreme exhaustion. Try to find an expert to help you, and to do mental relaxation and control exercises right before bed.

But there's also good news for Geminis: your immune system will experience a boost, so your body will be better barricaded against external threats.

To keep your immune system and defense barriers alive and kicking, have a good diet where nothing is missing, get properly hydrated, stay away from air currents and keep a light mood; plus, do lots of sport.