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The stars predict that today you'll have a seriously heated argument that threatens to take down the base of your relationship. Be positive and learn to see these arguments as the bitter side of love, but with which you need to end up dealing with at some point, whether you like it or not.

The most important thing is to keep things under control, and even if the situation goes out of hand and becomes tenser than usual, don't let rage be your guide. If your partner says mean things, don't take that into account.

Today you could get rid of all the tension you've been piling up with a nice gesture to one of your friends, or someone dear. That will turn all negativity into something positive.


Today you need to bring out into the spotlight two traits in your personality that you've been neglecting lately: generosity and solidarity.

Generosity will come in handy to create an area full of good vibrations to help you connect more with others and to show yourselves that you're holding in pure feelings.

Regarding solidarity, you need to turn it towards your workplace, and helpother colleagues that need it who have offered you their help in the past.

If you manage to exploit these pure, positive feelings, you'll feel much better and attract positive energy to go far.


Jealousy is a foul travelmate which threatens to destroy everything you've been working so hard for. Aside from hurting the other person, it's hurting you too.

Finding inner balance and harmony wasn't easy, and it took tremendous psychological work. Throwing it off the cliff now would be going back to square one, and perhaps you're not strong enough to start over.

So make an effort and take jealousy away from you; it only brings bad vibrations, hate, pain and resentment. Create trust-based relationships and bonds to live a more peaceful life.