Gemini Daily Horoscope |



The stars' position today advises against taking a romantic, lovey-dovey profile that could extinguish the fire both of you have inside. You have to express those emotions openly, to unleash the river of passion running through your veins.

In fact, it's quite an essential need to turn your shared life upside down. Without forgetting the tenderness and affection that makes you care for each other, you should also consider your most animalistic side. And your shared life urgently needs a wild, crazy boost.

If you're single Geminis, watch out, because today you're reckless beasts and you could break something. Don't take the lead, let yourselves go.


The much awaited improvements have finally come to the office, and besides, there's an expansion process that could lead to relevant changes. More specifically, you could have a change of destination or even a promotion.

But that'll happen over the next few weeks. For now, you just have to enjoy your raise or the improvements in your job conditions offered by the managing board, and to continue working with your utmost commitment to progress within the company.

Your main priority now is to keep up with the level you've reached and to continue improving, and you can only do that by working hard and trusting your abilities now more than ever.


Today you'll feel natural instincts starting to surface and calling your body into unstoppable activity. Your sexual desire is completely unleashed, and it's best to fulfill your needs and wishes, Geminis.

Lately, you've been so concerned about your own issues, you've forgotten the more sensual side; but when desire awakens that way, it's impossible not to answer the call. Take this chance to try some new things out and reconnect with your partner in a unique, special way.

Attention to our Gemini lady friends who want to get pregnant: you're entering the perfect stage to make more attempts. Your body is more willing than ever, and your fertility is on the top.