Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today should be a day to be thankful. Hop off for a minute from the ongoing train of life that doesn't let you see the landscape around you. Slow down and stop to take a look: your partner deserves a day for you to make them happy.

It's a day to be thankful for what they do for you every day, and to celebrate that you're still together and much in love despite the struggles of daily life. Life makes no sense without these little moments.

Also, for Geminis in general, today's a day for strength and fortitude: don't back down now, stay firm in your pursuit of improvement and evolution, and keep your excitement alive despite the struggles.


Even though you need a couple days off now more than ever, there's bad news, Geminis: there's too much to do before you lie down for some TV time.

Here's some star advice, Geminis: have a heavy breakfast and start being active from the early hours of the morning to make this Saturday highly productive. Even if you sacrifice a few hours of sleep, it'll be great for your mood.

There's things to get fixed around the house, repairs to be made on the car, homework that your children need to get done with... If you try to boost your mood and start working, you'll feel more than fulfilled at the end of the day.


A muscle contracture, probably coming from sleeping too much or having a bad posture when going to bed, threatens to leave you paralysed on the couch. Don't let it ruin your day: have an anti-inflamatory and a painkiller and go for it.

Muscle pain can come with bone pain as well, because the stars point out there's important issues in your native Geminis' skeleton. Try to go through your day as usual and don't let it shorten your to-do list.

At the end of the day you can entrust your body to your partner's hands for a massage, and get a relaxing bath with some salts. Tomorrow you can rest all day long.