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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Sunday 19th August

Magic Horoscope for Today, Sunday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today order should be the ruler of your day to avoid misunderstandings and arguments, especially with your partner. Set priorities with the other person and organise your dates from there. It'll be a day to give up your ideas a few times to avoid any more trouble.

Still, today you have a power which will give you immunity to most things, and that's based upon your great optimism. Today your bright side will defeat negativity, and you'll face all situations from that perspective.

That not only reinforces your mood and energy when facing things, but also turns you into more confident, authentic and attractive individuals.


You need some rest today, because you've had a rough week, and lately, between work and chores around the house, you're not taking too many breaks. Today could be a good day for one.

But now a friend or relative will ask you to help them out. Although it's understandable you're tired and can't keep up, it'd be nice if you could help. Generosity and solidarity to your friends and family could give you many rewards as well.

Besides, a poorly performed chore will make you have to repeat the process a few times. But knowing yourselves, you'll probably end up leaving it half-done.


Can you feel how you're starting to sleep better and are no longer in need of pills? How blood pressure is slowly but surely getting better? And how bone pain and your muscle contracture are starting to fade away?

The fact that you're taking medication or following the doctor's orders are helping you recover quickly, that's for sure. But there's something much more important.

You should realise you haven't started improving until you manage to rule over your mind, not the other way round. Your fears and stress used to be king and queen of your life. Now your mental strength is beating pain and illness.