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Gemini Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 20th August by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Monday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Can you see it, Geminis? You've grown used to being quiet and you've taken your obedient role so far, you have completely lost your personal independence, as well as that of your thoughts and decisions. And that isn't good at all.

Today you need to communicate plenty with your partner. You're suffering inside because you can't express the real you. But today is your chance.

Express what you really feel with a good side serving of affection, love and honesty. Use appropriate, composed language, and turn an emotional and gut-based relationship into a communicative and rational partnership.


Today, your partner is a little something called laziness, and it'll share your time during the first half of your day. And it's so hard to set her aside! Still, you need to start getting rid of laziness to be of use to society.

The day will start with a surprising relaxing flair. It seems like the rest of the world is experiencing the same as you, and you're in a comfortable situation where you don't need to go to great lengths for anything.

Still, something will bring a change of pace around noon, so the sooner you get started and begin working diligently, the sooner you'll catch up and avoid the surprise of jumpscares.


Today you'll have one of those mornings when the bedsheets are too comfy and it's impossible to leave your bed. And to top it off, when you do manage to get up, your body feels heavier than usual, you feel muscle pain and your mind is clouded.

It's obvious you've gone to excess this weekend, and haven't rested properly. But today's duties won't give you a single extra minute in bed. So start getting to grips with the idea that the sooner your mind is awake, the sooner your body will be.

You can give your body a kickstart with a nice cup of coffee and some exercise. Your mental attitude will be a key factor today.