Gemini Daily Horoscope |



This Tuesday will be a very sensitive day when Geminis will open up their feelings and their soul. It'll be another chance for personal growth, which the stars have been offering the twins lately for them to reinforce their most spiritual side.

The emotional side will rule over the intellectual one, and you have to take in that part of yourselves as well, even if it makes you uncomfortable sometimes. Maybe that's what you're missing on before you can complete your evolution.

But watch out, because you know that letting your emotions and feelings loose is often challenging to your nerves and it brings out that side of yours too much. You should aim for perfect balance.


The week has started on a rumble at work, there's lots to do and emotions are flying high. You must keep calm and do your job with coolness and efficiency.

But Geminis have a bit of an obstacle before they can do that: with emotions running through their veins, they may be brought down by stress and nervousness. That's why it's essential that they find pillars of efficiency in order and perseverance.

At the end of the day, Geminis will get great financial news. They can face that announcement with their utmost excitement, although a few weeks may go by before it gets real.


Today you need to stay as strong as you can, dear Geminis, and get up early. Stepping out of bed when the sun isn't even out yet will help you feel productive. Yes, it'll be hard to pick up the pace, but your performance will end up being more productive than ever before.

That will help you to work in a better mood and more energetically, but it will also be a good start for your schedule rearrangement. You need to find a structured routine as soon as you can.

And here's some good news: for those Geminis who had been going through back health issues, such as back pain or spine injuries, you will see the pain fade away quickly.