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Full Horoscope for Gemini for This Coming Wednesday 22nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You'll have the strange feeling of having experienced already some of the situations you'll be in today. That's the obvious sign of your entrance into a negative cycle where you can't solve certain issues. The result? Feeling stuck and baffled.

That bad habit of yours of escaping important decisions and avoiding solving problems that you've been dragging around for a while has kept you stuck at a standstill for a while. How about focusing on those issues again, but in a more mature way?

There's also a period of calmness and harmony in your heart starting up, which you can use to be honest to yourselves and make some important decisions once and for all.


Even though there's some bad vibrations trying to mess with your day, today there's nothing that can break the positive trend and good environment around the office. From beginning to end, you'll have quite a fun day at work.

Funny situations around the office will be a constant happening, and without neglecting your ongoing business, you and your colleagues will have a blast. Laughter and good humour are the perfect antidote for these hard, heavy days.

You also have an energy influx in your favour which you can use to intensify some of the investments you've got going on, and to try your luck at some other riskier operations.


If you manage to overcome the minor adversities you'll go through during the day, and take the lead of your emotions, you'll start feeling like a calm environmental wave is backing up your energy swap. Wellness and pleasure will multiply.

Little by little, your reinforcement of positive events will start cleansing your life out from bad vibrations and you'll feel your mind is clearer before facing today's challenges. You'll be much more obstacle-ready Geminis.

Those Geminis who were going through a recovery process will feel a very powerful energy boost to keep going through that recovery. Your joints, bones and muscles will restore and recover much faster.