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Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 23rd August

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It seems like Geminis' forces are retreating and that may create discomfort, at least at some points during your day. That's why today's challenge is all about overcoming that with a good dose of optimism and self-confidence.

This situation will lead you to have a day of reflection, and you won't stop rethinking things in a nerve-wracking way. The day will evolve at the same time as your concerns and nervousness do.

Keep your feet on the ground, avoid emotions and bring out your most rational side. You need to keep your mind distracted and to avoid taking sensations to the extreme. If you get a bit more self-control, you'll have won today's battle.


Today's a day full of good news for Geminis, especially those who are going through a rough patch and have been waiting for a lucky break for a while. Dear Geminis, you deserve the best, and the stars are pushing you towards the end of that long winding tunnel you've been stuck in.

Attention: unemployed Geminis will get a few alerts of job openings from friends and acquaintances, and their success will depend on their attitude towards those alerts. The Moon's influence on air signs benefits your luck in work, and everything will work in your favour.

What's most important is not to let yourselves go with apathy and dismay. Your luck's changing, Geminis, so you should take changes in with a positive mind.



The day will have a bit of a cloudy start in your mind, Geminis, so it'll demand intense work from your part from first thing in the morning. Try to boost up your energy by socialising with others.

As far as your body's health is concerned, Geminis affected with pains in their gall bladder, liver and digestive system will see things gradually improve from today onwards.

It's very important for Geminis to reinforce their good health today through water and fruit juices. Keep your body hydrated. You should also take care, now better than ever, of what you eat.