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This Friday won't be the best day for single Geminis, but there's no bad situation that the twins can't overcome with a good dose of self-esteem and positive attitude.

There's a retroactive cycle change in their love life, which is very likely to lead to frustration, and ultimately, to despair.

The harder you try to get excited and be happy, the harder it will be to find a sense of stability, because every new bump on the road will be perceived as an impossibly tough challenge. These are days to let go and let everything flow naturally.

Generally, it'll be a day full of obstacles for Geminis, who will need to bring out their fighter's spirit and to boost their self-confidence to the max. Today needs to be an easy breeze day for the bravest of Geminis.


It's all about adaptation or demise, Geminis. You've reached a point where taking in your role and your tasks has become a priority, and you've left behind those times when a rebel spirit and the irrepressable need for arguments were your everyday routine. Your desires and will to improve have made room for stability.

You need to start growing up, Geminis. This isn't about becoming a spiritless conformist soul who gives up their dreams to get a steady income. It's more like taking in where you're standing and remembering how hard it was to go this far. And your rebel attitude won't help at all.

Try to develop your skills through your routine work, and if you feel stuck, find new spaces where you can do what you like outside work. But now, your priority is stability.


Today your health issues are focused on your sex drive if you're men, and your desire if you're women.

Older Gemini men assume that they're no longer ready to rumble in bed, and they just decide to give up an active sex life. Youngsters don't get why it's harder for them to perform well.

In the case of the ladies, these days you'll feel a severe drop in your sexual appetite.

All of this ends up affecting your relationship and self-esteem, Geminis. Make some efforts and try new things out in bed. Your problem, more than physical, is rather mental; if you change up your routines, you'll feel everything coming back into place.