Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Geminis will wake up to a feeling of apathy and disorientation that could sink them into a stage aiming for gloom. Worries are getting worse and anything positive is completely overlooked.

Still, Saturday has something magical in store for you. Fate will bring into your lifepath someone able to change an objective reality. When you feel at your lowest, when you think everything's dark and feel hopeless, someone will make your perspective change and turn that negativity into euphoric optimism.

It'll be a very, very special day you should welcome with an open soul and a positive mindset. Everything around you, your troubles and worries, will seem meaningless and you'll finish your day off on a high, happy note.


Your Saturday looks quite relaxed, Geminis. If you need to go to work, don't get too overwhelmed, because the amount of work will come down and your environment will be relaxed and enjoyable. Any problem that might come up will be easily sorted out. Be positive and take on your day with a proactive attitude.

If you're lucky enough to already be on a weekend break, use your time to relax your mind. Fate will be your companion today, so you can try your luck at something fun and moderate.

On the other hand, a close friend will ask for your help and you'll have to help them out with a physical task that could take quite a big time slot off of you. Be generous and don't think twice, it's okay to sacrifice some of your free time.


The early bird catches the worm, and today Geminis should make a real effort to get up early. Even if it's Saturday and the bed feels comfier than usual, if you manage to escape laziness and step up from first thing in the morning, you'll have a bright, positive day ahead of you.

You'll feel much more active and optimistic, ready to take on the world and socialise with others. Any physical ailment will improve if you wake up early, because Geminis who get up early today will find some rewards awaiting them.

And for our young Gemini friends, today alcohol will be a foul companion, especially regarding your health. If you're going out or you're celebrating something, drink responsibly and avoid unwanted consequences.