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Gemini Forecast for Monday 27th August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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The negativity of these last few hours has brought a sense of insecurity, frustration and pessimism into your life. The ghosts of your past are back, and you're wondering if you'll ever life a happy, scare-free life.

Today, someone next to you will prove you that your life is actually filled with wonderful things, and that you need to change that pessimistic perspective on life. In the end, we all have bad days every now and then and dwelling every so often on your troubles and bad thoughts is quite normal.

This is about optimising what's good in your life, Geminis, and today you'll see, more than ever before, that there's more things to celebrate than to feel depressed about. So go out there, eat the world up and set the goal of being happy.


Good news will be the early start of your finances, and that will make you face your day with an extra dose of optimism. You'll have an energy overdose at work which will help you complete your day in a cheerful, decisive way. Manage that energy wisely and dose it up.

On the other hand, someone around you is going through a rough patch and it wouldn't be too bad to escape the bubble of your life for a moment and be generous and supportive.

Regarding your career and finances, today will be quite a powerful self-esteem booster, and right now that's the best news you can get, Geminis.


Your body sensations start to improve as your brain regulates your moods, at the same time that you start transforming pessimism and depression into optimism and vitality. There's no other secret stashed away, Geminis.

Still, you need to be a bit careful when you drink. It's been affecting you more than usual lately.

if you feel nervous, perhaps it might not be the best time to face a detox process, whether it is for alcohol or smoking, because it will only bring more frustration. But it will be great indeed if you can reduce stress with more productive, healthier activities, such as exercise, which will also make you reduce your intakes.