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The close ties and relationship you share with someone close to home, work or your group of friends is getting poisoned by comments from strangers and conspiracies. If you can't divide your personal life from your social sphere, things could get bad real soon.

Today, your goal is to set border lines. When there's an argument, try to solve it in private, and since you're all grown up, you should follow your instincts rather than following everyone else's advice.

Any choice you make today should follow your full conviction, because there's a pile of hidden interests and foul intentions in your relationships to others that aren't good at all.


Trying to rationalise the new source of income you recently got is your main financial goal. Today temptation will be on the loose and ready to attack, and with a full card, you're quite the tasty morsel. Enjoy what you've already got and try to spend money only on what you actually need.

September will be a tough month with overwhelming periods full of hardships, and the more money you've saved up, the better you'll face them. On the other hand, you can afford minor whims that don't imply spending tons of money.

At work, today you should focus on your tasks and not really listen to what others say. You're in a privileged situation and you have to devote your time to keeping it up.


Geminis with blood flow and heart problems should pay especially close attention to monitoring. Check your pressure and make sure everything's fine. And if you're under any prescription, don't forget to take your medications! If you ever forget them, you could have a problem afterwards.

On the opposite side, Geminis who are going through some sort of head pain, like a headache or migraine, will feel how the pain starts to fade away. In this case, you need to be optimistic and active.

If you're taking any medication for depression, be very careful and follow the exact dose prescripted by your doctor.