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Full Gemini Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 29th August

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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It is true that time heals everything... But in your case, under those apparently healed-up wounds, there's a beating mixture of resentment and hate that stops you from overcoming your break-up and moving on in your love life. The question now, Geminis, is: how much longer do you plan to be stuck in the past?

The path to reconcilement is more than broken, so focus on moving on once and for all. You've taken important steps and should be proud of yourselves about that. But you still have a long, winding road to go, and it starts today, with a mindset change.

For all Geminis in general, today is your starting point in the road to optimism and a bigger personality when making choices, thus forgetting the worst parts of your past that have kept you stuck in place until now.


To start feeling the effects of the financial recovery you've been waiting for, you first need to pay off some debts and pending issues. It'd be great if you could hire an administrator to set your accounts clean and put some order in your chaos...

Now your main priority is to keep stability up and, the sooner you settle your debts, even if it means spending a little extra money, the sooner you'll start to make your money grow realistically and with no restrictions.

On the other hand, this Wednesday will be quite a disappointing day for unemployed Geminis and an exciting day for those who do work, because there's interesting things about to happen in the office.


Today's the start of a flu for Geminis, because of the changes in weather, air gusts and, in some cases, overusing air conditioning systems. If you add all of this up to stress, your body grows weak and vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

If you've already started on your flu process, be very patient and remember that keeping up optimism and vitality is essential to get better quicker.

Reinforce your diet and keep your body properly hydrated to strengthen your defense barriers.