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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 31st August

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This Friday will be a productive day for Geminis to learn; you should be receptive and willing. This is the only way you'll manage to take in all the lessons offered by the different situations you experience.

Besides, your ruling planet's orbit movement marks the speedy return into your life of some thoughts and events that somehow branded your love life a few years back.

That means it's time to make peace with someone, to heal your past wounds or to go back to check some lessons from those days that will help you overcome certain situations that are still inside you. However, generally, you'll feel quite optimistic to take on all these challenges.


Your ruling planet's orbit makes you individuals that can influence others greatly, aside from giving you a sense of self-confidence and a boost in your qualities that make you clearly superior to everyone else.

But be careful, don't turn these elements into an excuse to make yourselves rise to an arrogant, overpowering position. You should instead take an active, firm and confident attitude, but at the same time be humble and nice to others. In the same way that you're willing to learn from others in your love life, you've got a lot to offer in the professional stage.

Today you'll also see your mental skills develop, and it will be a day more focused on reason than emotions.


Geminis may feel some hip pain that will stop them from doing intense exercise, or to keep a certain body posture for a long time. If your job is quite physical, it'll be best if you slow it down or take the day off.

On the other hand, the fact that Geminis' minds are working at full speed today brings more chances of weariness when the day's over, and eventually, headaches.

There's good news for Geminis who had stomach pains or issues: they will be completely gone.