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The challenge for Geminis this Tuesday is all about controlling jealousy: managing your own and numbing your partner's. Don't let this issue ruin your relationship.

Get back your confidence as the main support pillar of your relationship. This demands restoring communication as your basic connection channel. If jealousy is a problem that threatens your relationship, it's best to avoid seduction games altogether.

Geminis will be sort of weak today, so any foul thought or unfortunate event could sink you down into sadness. Fight back despair with optimism from first thing in the morning.


Today will be a confusing day at work for Geminis, one of those days when the orders from the managers just make things more complicated, employees are kind of absent-minded and tasks don't turn out well.

Use your analytical and intellectual skills to set things straight and work reasonably. Finding balance and seriousness in the group will be essential for things to improve.

But watch out, because in days as confusing as today, emotions can end up running high and it's quite likely that you'll experience stressful situations that will make arguments come under the spotlight. Avoid arguments.


Today the stars predict you'll be quite sensitive against air gusts which could weaken your body to the point of falling sick with a cold or flu. Eat healthy and make your body strong so that your immune system can act as a barrier against any external agents.

Dry yourselves off properly after each bath or shower, avoid gusts of air and air conditioning systems, cover up your body and don't let go completely; summer is a time just as prone to colds as any other.

Otherwise, your body's on the right trend about health issues, so there's nothing to worry about.