Gemini Daily Horoscope
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No matter how bad things get, the magic of life makes those times when you feel fortunate appear out of nowhere. Today an acquaintance will show you they can change your whole world and perspective by themselves.

When you feel desperate, cornered, depressed, overwhelmed or scared, remember you're not alone, and that you have amazing people around you who can turn your shadows into light.

Today that person, with a simple gesture or just a few words, could change your mood. Open up to them, jump into their arms and give them the biggest, most honest appreciation.


If you're Geminis with leadership duties, today you have to break off your buddy attitude towards your employees and be more strict.

Things are taking a turn for the worse, and you're mistaking justice and closeness with indulgence. Most of your employees pay you back with bad results and passiveness.

Change that attitude right away. Scream if you need to, but earn respect. Only then you'll get good results and make everyone admire you.

For Geminis in general, today will be a calm day at work, in expectancy of an improvement in their job conditions. And according to the stars, it's quite close by.


It took you a long time to reach this good health, Geminis. Lots of sacrifice, repressed desires and long hours suffering at the gym. Now's the time when your raw inner Geminis come out, you get bored, tired and throw everything off the cliff.

Don't let your lack of persistence risk your good health. Stay fit with the formula that brought you success and keep your mood feisty and strong, keep up your willpower.

Today the Moon's position points out there'll be good chemistry with your partner in bed. If you're single Geminis, a night of surefire fun where you'll be the master or mistress of the house.