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Full Gemini Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 9th August

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
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Haven't you learned after all this time that you're the most important person in your life and that you deserve respect? Then, why do you still let someone step on you like that? Today's your day, Geminis: the day to appreciate yourselves and get out of your life that person who should have never come in.

Make clear to them that you're no pastime and that you're not willing to play games. Find someone who makes you really happy. Put stability and seriousness on top and see the importance of passion in perspective. Now you need someone to respect you.

Today Geminis will have a day full of ups-and-downs with hilarious moments where laughter and bliss will rule, and times where the clouds of despair will threaten to make everything dark.


Today you'll see the terrible consequences of a bad choice, and for most of your day it could drag you down into anguish and despair.

Don't be scared, Geminis. Pray to your guardian angel, Ambriel, who cleanses the contradictions in your path and helps you focus all your energy and intelligence into sorting obstacles. And be clear about something, Geminis: nothing, absolutely nothing, can take you down, no matter how hard it looks.

Try to find the most doable solution and keep calm.

On the other hand, remember that you reach success with constant work and effort, not through gambling.


Despite the hardships of everyday life and your overwhelming issues, your physical wellness is influencing your mood quite positively. Besides, today your ruling planet sends you very positive vibrations, and the angels open up a path so that you can sort out obstacles.

Keep your hopes up and believe in progressing and improving in every area of your life. Wherever there's an obstacle, use your positive mentality, rely on others, and trust those helpful vibrations.

You should especially block the path of sadness, which threatens to take you down these days. You've got more than enough health to defeat bad vibrations.