Gemini Horoscope TOMORROW

21 May - 20 Jun

Gemini tomorrow: Your horoscope for February 18, 2020

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The natives of Gemini feel a romantic high-voltage climate. The Moon and Jupiter are now together in your sex-life area and they attract pleasure and understanding to your life.

The energy of love flows through your body and you'll be able to connect in a more sincere and full way with your partner. If you're single but have just started seeing someone, the stars promise a moment of daring and passionate love and affection for today.

If you've been distant or upset with someone that makes you heart beat faster every time you touch, today you'll forget all the conflicts and you can surrender yourself entirely to them.

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The stars show a tendency to receive innovative investment proposals that will make you very curious. It could be a new digital currency or buying shares of a foreign company. Someone might offer you the chance to participate in a virtual business that will spark your interest. What is certain, Gemini, is that today there's a lot of movement in the area of ​​resources and money. You will want to associate with people who inspire an image of abundance and optimism.

The fortune number for today is 141. This number is very powerful as it invites you to believe in yourself and in your impulses to connect with those closest to you to secure new business or creative ideas. Your best partner may be closer than you think. It may even be a neighbour, your brother or a primary school classmate. Benefits depend largely on your community and your participation in it.


Youll feel very good today. Joy fills your heart and displays a lot of vital energy that you can use to improve your physical and emotional condition.