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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for August

Your Horoscope for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: Full of positivity

Congratulations, Leo! With the arrival of August you inaugurate your month par excellencea month that for most of you has become your favorite and in the most expected one of the year.

The prediction of the stars of the Magic Horoscope is very positive, because it looks like things are going to go very well. You will start the month getting a very special surprise that might change your life, and, in addition, this will only be the beginning of what has to come. 

In love, you're going to discover that you have a loving capacity so big that it will allow you to break the mold and even fall in love or feel attracted to people who you thought you'd never like. 

However, in order that everything flows with positivity, it's necessary that you balance your vital balance, which means that you might suffer a not so pleasant moment, like an argument with your partner or that you have some doubts at some point, especially at the beginning of the month, but it won't be something very serious, so your days will still be good. 

Towards the middle of the month, single Leos will feel attracted to a person who will make them feel predilection for those impossible love stories that they can't resist. 

On the other hand, the 14th will be key, because you'll live a reconciliation with a very important person for you, which will fill you with positive energy and will put you in front of a positive and encouraging immediate future.

Money: You'll have the control of your career

Extremes don't do you any favors, Leo, so take care of your pocket and don't throw yourself into spending too much on the excuse of your birthday. This month of August you will be able to allow yourself more than one whim, but try not to leave your bank account under minimums.

If you want to make an important purchase, it will be better to wait until day 6, since you will find a very interesting offer that will allow you to make the acquisition that you have been wanting for so long.

At the beginning of the month you will probably have the possibility of making an important purchase, which you should rather see as an investment for your future. If you go on the adventure of buying a house, make sure that they offer you good enough conditions so that you can assume the payment.

In the workplace, changing the position of the stars with respect to the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will have very positive consequences for your sign that will determine your professional future.

In addition, thanks to this, a new stage will open before you in which some topics that were a bit confusing will be clarified and that will allow you to feel that you have control over your career.

Health: A new philosophy

You're not going to start the month by seeing yourself with the best eyes, Leo, you continue to demand too much of yourself. But don't worry: in the coming weeks you will experience a radical change of perspective.

Throughout this month of August you will suffer from some other oral discomfort, so go planning a visit to your dentist so you don't get caught unexpectedly. Remember that the solution to the problems is easier as soon as we get down to work.

The environment around you is going to have a lot to say about your state of health. If you surround yourself too often with people who have unhealthy habits, you'd better rethink the situation to not end up letting yourself getting influenced too much.

As for your diet, it would be advisable that you consider the possibility of including some fruits to your menu, although they aren't exactly the ones that you like. Pineapple, for example, will help you lose that residual weight that you want to get rid of.

With the arrival of the middle of the month, a change of tendency is foreseen that will be marked by a new vital philosophy that will have a lot to say when making decisions about your own body. A small indisposition will teach you to value more what you have and to act according to the philosophy of "carpe diem".