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Leo Magic Horoscope for This Coming Thursday, February 15th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Thursday
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That incredible love story that you have created in your mind, typical of a American romantic comedy, won't happen in real life. At least for now. 

A very similar story is waiting for the right moment to come to you, this is what happens when we really dream about something.

However, it won't happen until you get your fears away from your life. Leos in a relationship have a similar situation, because their fears prevent them from fully enjoying the possibilities offered by their relationships.


Many options will appear and with them the possibilities of making a big change in your professional life. If you received a job offer from the other side of the world, would you take your suitcases and leave?

An easy question to answer for some Leo, but very complicated for many others. However, everyone would feel tempted. Over the years, some of the professional goals that we dream of end up becoming something you're never going to do.

At this point, there are two options: give up this opportunity because with what you have you're happy enough or accept it and make what seemed unattainable real.


Going around the world giving lessons on how important it is to love yourself when you are not able to look at yourself or aspects of your personality in another way isn't the best thing to do.

There are things about yourself that rather than accepting them, you see them as an enemy that anchors you to a destiny you don't want and that has to end now. That lion skin with which you cover yourself could make you someone indestructible at all levels, it's not a place to hide and accumulate insecurities.

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