Full Horoscope for Leo for This Coming Tuesday 24th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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It's not a good week to start new relationships, single Leo. The forecast of the stars isn't very favorable and warns the presence of a person with hidden negative intentions.

Instead, it may be someone who tries to approach you for convenience, as might be economic interests, and if you discover it, it will hurt you a lot. It's not difficult to wait a few more days before accepting an invitation to a date, don't let yourself be carried away by appearances; you know they can deceive.


If you have a business related to the commercial and sales sector, this week you can have an incredible streak. You usually know that at the end of the month is when big business is done, but this week will be especially remarkable.

You may even get recognition from your superiors thanks to your results. Getting that customer in question to close an important deal is something that very few achieve or have achieved and can benefit you greatly.

What for many is an almost unattainable challenge, for you it's something that you expect to perform with total normality.


Going for a walk not to take advantage and make an errand, but to enjoy the landscape and the atmosphere of these days is something you will need to do. A walk along the beach, the mountain or somewhere you like, especially if you live in a big city, will be more than appropriate.

Once there, imagine a place where nothing and nobody can interfere in your wishes and ask yourself what would be the first thing you would do. You may want to be free of everything and everyone and want to live alone only for you, a very likely response coming from a Leo.

In any case, the important thing here is that you connect with those things that really excite you and go for them, make them come true. The burdens that we assume throughout life won't be able to eliminate them, but what you can change is that feeling of reluctance.