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Full Leo Magic Horoscope for Friday, 20th July

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your way of managing your free time doesn't seem the most appropriate, being able to get to hurt you in the sentimental plane in the short term. Dedicating too many hours to your work is going to take the toll on you very soon, Leo.

It seems that the activities implied by your position -meetings, lunches with clients, trips- reduce too much time to your private life, making you lose your love life every day.

You may notice it on time or, contrary to what you would like, do it when it is too late to remedy it. In any case, it's time to make up your absences with a little more attention.


The work you do autonomously is undoubtedly the one that gives you the most benefits and the most comfortable for you. For a dominant lion as you are, obeying orders isn't always very pleasant.

Paradoxically, this confidence in yourself that you show when you are developing as a professional, could well help you in your private life, as it can be in the empowerment of your self-esteem.

When you're the one who signs most projects, you are assuming a responsibility and also certifying your confidence in it, which you only do when you are truly sure of your bet. A way of acting that you could extrapolate to your character.


On a day that starts your weekend as it's today, you will have the chance to show that you have no rival on the dance floor. Or at least, that would be the case if everyone moved at the same pace as you.

You have a peculiar way of dancing, very characteristic and that, although sometimes it can be exaggerated, it usually serves as an excuse to surprise others and become the center of attention.

This Friday you will have the opportunity to have a great time and let yourself be carried away by that rhythm that surrounds you. Feeling happy and carefree will be a sensation that you will love, especially considering how complicated the day yesterday was for you.