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Full Leo Magic Horoscope for Monday, 21 May

Full Forecast for Today, Monday
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Putting a bit of distance between the person in front of you and the image of that person you would like to make them become may give you a more realistic view of the situation.

Sometimes things aren't as you think and as much as you persist thinking that they are, your arguments aren't going to change reality. Occasionally, these circumstances are due to the existence of elements that aren't present.

You would like your relationship to follow each day the rhythm that it follows during the weekend, but this is not possible. Although it's something very beautiful, the rhythm and obligations end up conditioning that ideal that you pursue.


If it were for you, the wealth of the world would be distributed among all more or less equally so that no one lacked anything. In this sense, you will justify the fact of not being able to access certain things with the bad wealth distribution that exists.

It's good not to fall into the trap of blaming ourselves for all evils, but this doesn't mean that we should avoid certain responsibilities. On the other hand, today you may have the opportunity to help someone close and don't hesitate in doing everything possible to do so.

However, be careful: sometimes you can be too charitable and there may be people taking advantage of this circumstance.


At the beginning of the week your body and your mind will want to continue with the rest of the last days. It seems that it was not enough after a weekend in which you had to comply with some extra activity that will make you feel completely knackered today.

It's a good time to try to set aside certain commitments and focus on meeting the minimum objectives. Save a few hours in the afternoon to rest if you don't want the rest of the week to be even more complicated to face than today.