Full Leo Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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Being aware of your own affairs isn't a sign that something has changed in you, but in the next few days your introspection may reach its maximum level.

In fact, it's possible that as a result of it you even get to forget about something as important as a special date for your partner. An anniversary, a birthday or a day in which you recall a specific event can go completely unnoticed by your mind, which will be busier in solving other issues.

Pay attention to this and, if you think it's necessary, don't forget to write it down in your agenda.



Keeping the five senses in what you are doing isn't something that should concern you, because you will get that concentration you need easily.

It has been one of the fundamental areas of your life for several days now and you don't think about anything else other than the tasks that you have to accomplish at work.

Your priority is to get to your office and meet your daily routine. You're in no hurry to go home and you may even look for an excuse today to be able to devote more time to that issue in which you are putting all your interest in.

If you work extra hours, make sure you're going to be rewarded somehow.


Getting home with considerable fatigue isn't something that you should be surprised about too much. If it were up to you, as soon as you opened the door of the house you would lie on the bed and you wouldn't get up until the next day.

Sometimes the mental effort can be as exhaustive as the physical one. Not all the exhaustion comes because we have given everything doing sports or walking for a whole day here and there.

While one can satisfy oneself by slowing down a bit, getting rid of that feeling of mental fatigue is more complicated. Look for some leisure activity that will help you relax, Leo.