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The stars influence will have an impact especially on single Leos, that will feel very motivated to get near that person that really catches their attention. 

In this kind of situations, the self-confidence they have makes them gain a lot of points, because a lot of people see in them all those qualities that they admire in someone. 

However, it could be different this time and maybe your conquest strategy won't work as you had expected. You can't tell everybody the same, every person responds to different incentives in a different way.


With the arrival of the weekend you will have the chance to enjoy some free time that you will want to dedicate to yourself, the proposal for change that they made you at work takes up a lot of your attention and you want to dedicate yourself to studying the options you have.

Making a list that includes all the pros and cons you see in the change can be a tool to help you decide more easily.

However, even if you know that you will be the one with the last word, it would not hurt to ask for advice about the situation with your partner or a friend or a relative.


You will continue with motivation to do outdoor activities. Congratulations! You're forgetting about that bad mood and those emotional ups and downs, it looks like you are learning how to control your impulses and yourself.

Today your main worry will be to continue like this and not letting anyone change it. Try taking up that sport activity you really like and that you had left aside because of no spirits.

The way you'll feel afterwards will surprise you. You need a break more that you think and give your brain a rest.

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