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Full Leo Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 22 March

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
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In your profession you could say that you have never separated from your desires, but, if you stop to think about it; the same can't be said about your sentimental life.

Now that you have considered taking action on the matter and defining exactly what you want and what you expect from your romantic relationships, you have realized that throughout your life you have made decisions on this plane that haven't been the most correct ones.

You want to try, experiment and see beyond the life you have. Dreams are to fulfill them and they only admit changes if you know that the alternative will make you happy.


Containment isn't easy when you get excited about something. You may feel frustrated at not being able to afford certain expenses, but you must remember that it's temporary.

About your job today you will find a series of situations that will make you realize that you want to maintain the stability you have, but the idea of becoming your own boss will be present again in your thoughts.

It's not a good time now to take risks, caution must become an attitude to be shown.



When you see a bruise on your skin you put your hands on your head. You might have hit something without realizing it, but you start thinking about the worst until you discover what was the moment in which you did it.

The truth is that these things are signs that you are more distracted than usual, ask yourself if it wouldn't be better to go more slowly and avoid upsetting yourself.

The position of the stars doesn't reveal any incidents in sight, so relax a bit. Health, as you well know, comes first.