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Leo Forecast for Tuesday 20th March by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
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You can manage strong emotions with amazing ease. When you love someone with all your heart you are willing to give everything and more for that person.

As a good Leo you aspire to the maximum in everything and love isn't an exception, it is the field in which it's easier for you to let all those impulses and emotions escape.

This has its counterpart, when you get angry, it's better that nobody crosses your path. Today a gesture of your partner won't seem appropriate and will lead you to turn the air blue. Be careful because you can provoke a quarrel of those that you'll always remember.



The week advances although apparently for you the days have no end. This week is one of those that will happen as slowly as possible. When the weekend arrives, you will have the feeling of having been working for a month without any rest.

The hours advance at their normal pace and the minutes will even pass faster because you are focused on the endless tasks you have to do, but having so much workload will raise your stress levels to the maximum.


In weeks as hectic as this one it will be very useful to have learned to separate your personal life from the professional one. If on the contrary this is a question that you still have pending, you will feel exhausted, you will perform less and the anxiety that this will generate you will take over you.

It's very important, therefore, that when you get home you forget everything you have to do and rest. Watch a movie, go out for a drink with your friends or partner and exercise. And it's just as important to take advantage of working hours as leisure time and this will be the key to your success.


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