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Leo Magical Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday, 12th February

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You will begin the week with a bang and the wildest Leo will start coming into being because of the new position of the stars. You will show your most hidden instincts and your most primary wishes to the other person and while some will find problems in being matched, others will enjoy a very passionate day.

It is this awakening that will make single Leos search in that person who they've just met or with someone that they have boon seeing, the opportunity to live a very passionate adventure. Starting the week with a little excitement will seem the best way to do it, Leo.


Having a clear head would also be a good way to start the day. Without too many worries on the horizon and the usual ones under control your working day will be as smooth as silk. 

Today is going to be especially relaxing as far as your job is concerned, not too much to do and not too much pressure to threaten to put you on edge. Today is one of those days when sitting and watching the world go by isn't a bad idea at all, when you manage to get everything organized the moment to check it all arrives and make sure everything is following the right course. 


Some of the most common illnesses can be prevented with a good diet. The doctor's recommendations are easy and clear: a balanced diet, exercise and no vices or harmful habits. 

If you are relying too much on convenience foods, the time will come when your body will attract your attention. The feeling of heaviness and swelling are not trivial, although in your case you tend to recover easily. Try to spend some more time in the kitchen and, if necessary, get up early to take home-made food to work. Your body will appreciate it.

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